I saw her status appeared on my timeline that day. I smiled but suddenly my heart beat with the beat that hurt me. Hurt my feeling. Why did it hurt? I didn't know either.

"It won't be special without ur present "

I hope she had a great day. I hope what she wrote was real. At least it will come true soon. Hope if that special day was real, she will treat me better, and so do I. Will make our relationship better, better and better. Feel like family.

I called my mother, tell her I was in good mood. I gained weight again and again, although vegetarian food is the only option I have -_-. No Rendang, no Asam Keueung (Acehness traditional food), no Asam Udeung, no Ayam penyet :(. As a moslem, I don't eat meat that wasn't slaughter by Islamic way. What an irony. No fav food, but gain weight easily. Hahha.

I really want to ask my mother about her. I arranged the sentences already. But, it stayed inside my mouth. Not even a single word about her was spoken.

Hope u'll get what u want. And I can feel how sisterhood feels like.

**Friday night. Good night. Good news. My friend's pregnancy. Happy for u, kak :D

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